Motorcycle Valuation – Quick, Easy & Reliable

At Motorcycle Buyer we make the process of selling your motorbike as simple as possible. Provide us with details of your bike, we will provide you with a bike valuation and, if you choose to accept the offer, we collect your bike and transfer the money straight to your bank account. Our motorcycle valuation offers a fair price that may even be higher than you receive from a main dealer in part exchange. There’s no need to advertise your bike as a private sale, and we always attempt to provide the best possible bike valuation.

The Bike Valuation Process

We have ensured that selling your bike to Motorcycle Buyer is as simple as possible. By sending us details, you can sell your bike and receive the cash within just a few days. Follow the steps below to begin the process:

Enter Details
– Complete our online motorcycle valuation form by entering a few details about yourself and your motorbike. The information we request includes details about you, as well as the make and model of your motorbike, and the mileage it has covered.
Motorbike Valuation
– Submit your details and we will return a 100% fair motorcycle valuation.
Accept The Quote
– Once you receive your valuation, it is up to you whether you accept the price and proceed. If you choose to accept the quote, we will arrange to take the bike and, when we do so, we will send the money to your bank account so that you can quickly access the money from your bike.

How Much Is My Bike Worth?

There are many factors that determine the bike valuation that you receive. Different makes and models have different intrinsic values, while the mileage you have covered on your bike will have a direct impact on that value. Market values also fluctuate, which means that your bike valuation can change from one month to the next. What’s more, if you have outstanding finance on your bike, or if there is any damage or unexpected wear and tear, this can reduce the value further. When you submit your details to us, you will receive a current motorcycle valuation offer that takes all of these and other factors into account.

Can I Sell Any Type Of Motorbike?

At Motorcycle Buyer we are happy to buy any type of motorbike, so whether you are looking to sell a second hand tourer, sports bike, or even a classic or imported model, we will provide a bike valuation for you to consider. If you want to know what’s my bike worth, simply fill in the quote form and we will let you have a valuation.

How Do You Value My Bike?

In order to provide an accurate motorcycle valuation we do ask for a few details of your bike. Specifically, we need the make and model, as well as the mileage. You should also bear in mind that the condition of the bike may impact on the final valuation, but we try to ensure that we provide a fair quote for all potential sellers. To find out how much is my motorbike worth, simply fill in the form and we will quickly get back to you with a quote.