About Motorcycle Buyer

At Motorcycle Buyer we aim to make the process of selling your motorbike as quick and simple as possible. By using Motorcycle Buyer our customers can avoid having to try and make a private sale and can typically enjoy higher prices than are offered through main dealers and motorbike showrooms. No more time wasters, no more haggling over price, and you can enjoy a quick sale and fast access to the money.

Fair Price

Whether you want to upgrade and buy a new bike, or you need to sell your bike to raise some cash, it is important that you get a fair price. We use the details you provide and compare these to market prices. This means that we can provide a fair quote for your bike, and our lower overheads and lower margins mean that we can provide a better price than you will usually be offered as a part exchange price. You can use the cash as a deposit for a new bike, to help reduce the price you pay, or for any other purpose.

Simple Service

Private sales do offer an alternative to part exchange and bike buyer services. However, you will usually have to pay for a newspaper or trade ad, and then you will have to field calls from people looking to haggle as well as those that are simply digging for information. You will have to show the bike to potential buyers. If you work a full time job, it can be difficult to find the time, while a lot of people are simply uncomfortable selling bikes in this way.

At Motorcycle Buyer we have simplified the whole process down to just three or four steps. Enter your details, receive a quote, accept the quote, and then we collect the bike and transfer the money.

No private sale calls, no time wasters, and a fair price.

Quick Money

The simple process also means that, at Motorcycle Buyer, we are able to provide you with the money from your sale sooner. You could free the money in your bike within a few days and have the money put straight into your account.

Customer Service

At Motorcycle Buyer we understand the importance of customer service. If you have any questions, you can call us and discuss them. If you have questions about your quote, you can contact us, and we always ensure that you deal with friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced staff members.

  • Competitive Valuations
  • Simple No-Obligation Quote
  • Hassle Free Sales
  • Competitive Prices

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