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Sell Your Motorbike Quickly, Easily, And For The Best Valuation

At Motorcycle Buyer, we buy any bike and offer competitive prices that are often better than the valuation offered by bike dealers and main dealers. Avoid the potential pitfalls associated with selling privately, and enjoy quick access to the money we offer. The whole process is simple and painless; simply enter the details of your bike, your personal details, and submit them for a motorcycle valuation. The valuation is no obligation, which means that you can decide whether you want to take the price or not, and then let us know so that we can collect the bike and give you your money.

Better Than A Private Sale

Selling your bike through Motorcycle Buyer means that you don’t have the hassle associated with trying to arrange a private sale. You don’t need to pay advertising costs, you don’t need to give out your home or mobile number, and you don’t have to deal with time wasters. In fact, we remove all the hassle when you sell your bike to us. Submit your details and we will give you a no-hassle, no-obligation quote.

Sell Your Bike Quickly

Selling your motorbike privately can take weeks, or even months, and even then you aren’t guaranteed a sale or the best possible price. When you use Motorcycle Buyer we can arrange to complete the sale within a matter of days. As soon as we have the bike, you will receive the money straight into your bank account, and you don’t have to pay any fees up front to complete the sale.

We Buy Any Bike

We buy any bike, whether it’s a sport bike, a tourer, or even an import. As long as you have a V5 in your name, we will provide a quote and you just need to accept the quote and arrange collection of your motorbike.

How To Sell Your Motorbike Online With Motorcycle Buyer

At Motorbike Buyer we have tried to make the bike sale process as simple as possible. Provide us with the make and model, mileage, and price, as well as your name and contact details, to receive a motorbike valuation. Agree the price and we will arrange a time and place to collect the bike, and we will transfer the money straight into your account when we collect the bike.

Why Sell Your Motorcycle To Motorcycle Buyer?

We pride ourselves on providing a competitive motorbike valuation for any bike. We often beat dealer part exchange prices, and this means that you will have more money to spend on your next bike, or for whatever purpose you want the money. Using us means that you don’t need to advertise privately, and you can release the money in your bike sooner and more easily.

How Much Is My Motorbike Worth?


By providing us with your bike details, we can offer you a competitive motorbike valuation. No matter the age or even condition of the bike, you can request a quote and decide whether you want to accept it.

How Do You Calculate Bike Valuations?

Our motorbike valuations are based on current market prices. We compare the details of your bike to other, similar models, and we provide a price based on this figure.

Do You Buy Imports?

At Motorcycle Buyer we buy any bike. Whether you have a sports bike, a tourer, motocross, or even an import, we will try to provide you with the most competitive price so that you can release and access the money that is in your motorbike.

Can I Sell My Bike Online If It Still Has Finance?

Yes, at Motorcycle Buyer, we are happy to settle any outstanding finance on the bikes that we buy. The cost of the finance, and any costs associated with settling early, will be taken into account when the final price is settled.

How Does The Process Work?

  • 1. Provide Your Bike Details
  • 2. Accept Our Quote
  • 3. We Collect Your Bike FREE